3 thoughts on “Finding new stories for climate science

  1. Stuart Waters

    The tyranny of the expert reigns supreme in the climate debate. It is easy for scientists to feel that “if only those people out there knew what I know they would take this seriously and become climate warriors”. But human nature isn’t like that. Taking a big metaphoric syringe and filling me with knowledge doesn’t work and even if i did take up that new knowledge in the way intended it wouldn’t necessarily change my behaviour or opinion. So, I couldn’t agree more that a more dialogical, deliberative, values based and respectful conversation between all stakeholders, expert and non-expert alike, is likely to provide innovation, enduring solutions and impetus for change.

  2. Jeremy Das

    Food for thought:

    “The myth of the climate change denier exists in the heads of environmentalists, and seems to prevent them entering into conversation with anyone that dares to criticise environmentalism. The crusade of ‘communicating’ climate change is not a project that involves an exchange of views. To criticise environmentalism is to ‘deny The Science’, no matter how incoherent the environmentalist’s grasp of science or how lacking his or her sense of proportion.”



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