3 thoughts on “Public engagement with (climate) security?

  1. uninterestingthings aka Dominic

    Tagging the word ‘security’ onto anything that a government churns out suggests to me the creeping spectre of state control. What climate security should mean is preparing for the failure of nation states to deal with carbon emissions by conserving vital resources, like; reserving certain as yet untapped oil wells because oil is too valuable to burn; reducing water consumption & better distribution and or conservation for agricultural use; stabilising & reducing population so we live within the resources we have; not building on agricultural land… need I go on? Everything apart from reproduction is about garnering resources – water & food. I do not share the ‘Rational Optimist’ of Ridley or the ‘Megachange’ of Franklin & Andrews. I incline to Peter Ward’s Medea Hypothesis http://blogs.scientificamerican.com/observations/2010/01/13/paleontologist-peter-wards-medea-hypothesis-life-is-out-to-get-you/

    Competition between nations for scarce resources will lead to conflict, & I suppose that is the implicit suggestion in what Davey says. What Davey wants is power, because he can & because governments have such a great record of being efficient at doing all these things.


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